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From the April/May 2017 issue of our magazine, Rakhee encourages everyone to take part in Memory Walk this autumn, when people of all ages will come together to walk for a world without dementia.

A supporter who is urging others to sign up for this year's Memory Walk

Rakhee Jacobs at Memory Walk

Rakhee Jacobs, who raised over £1,700 as part of a Memory Walk team, draws what she can from her family's experiences since her grandmother's diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease over 10 years ago.

'The journey has been one of ups and downs,' she says. 'It has taught us so much about love, humanity, disappointment and beauty, but it's not one we regret.

'We try and make her smile daily and, as she is no longer able to communicate verbally, we communicate with love, touch and care.'

'There was something special about seeing so many people there for one cause,' says Rakhee.

Rakhee, aged 36, enjoyed taking part in London Memory Walk and hopes to get involved again.

'My sister Neelam and I decided to walk together and we had the best time. There was something special about seeing so many people there for one cause. To be able to walk around and see some London sights while we were raising money was a bonus!

'I would love to take part again. As the years pass, more family and friends are affected by dementia. Memory Walk is not only a great way to support a great charity, it's also a great way to come together and realise that you are not alone.'

She encourages everyone to get involved with Memory Walk.

'You will love it, it is such a positive, fun atmosphere. It was good to get to know people as we were walking, and all for the cause. Don't hesitate!'

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