Become a local representative so Alzheimer's Society can be active in every community

From the June 2015 issue of our magazine, Alzheimer's Society is extending our network of local representative volunteers so that we can influence organisations and decision-makers in every community.

Local representatives raise awareness of our work through local networks and events, as well as identifying new ways to strengthen our support for people living with dementia.

Dr Frank Green in Surrey, one of our 31 existing local representatives, took on the role after experiencing his late wife's dementia.

He says,

'I enjoy explaining what the Society is doing, and dispelling some of the myths and misunderstandings that are out there about dementia.

'I also value being able to take some key messages back, to ultimately ensure we are making the best possible connections and doing the best we can for people affected by dementia.'


Local representatives have varied backgrounds, including as former carers, business people and professionals in health or social care.

The role provides opportunities for local representatives to learn from and network with each other, and is supported by regular contact with Alzheimer's Society.

To find out more about this role and how to apply, email [email protected] or call 07860 182133.

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