4 audio resources for dementia stories and information

From the February / March 2018 issue of our magazine, we highlight resources for dementia information and stories in formats you can listen to.

Audio resources such as CDs and podcasts

1. About dementia

There are audio versions of many Alzheimer’s Society factsheets as well as podcasts on a range of topics. You can also listen online to an audio version of The dementia guide, for anyone recently diagnosed with the condition, or you can order a CD version.

2. Magazine listening

You can sign up to receive a free CD version of each full new issue of magazine, recorded by RNIB for blind and partially sighted people.

  • Sign up for the free CD version of the magazine.

We also produce a podcast that shares the story of a person with dementia from each issue of the magazine. This can be played online or downloaded for listening to later.

3. Talking books

Audio versions of books are available from many sources, and RNIB provides a large range of talking books and magazines for people who are struggling to read because of difficulties with their sight.

4. Reminiscence

The BBC’s Reminiscence Archive project, RemArc, remains available for another few months. It has a wealth of images, audio and video clips that can be searched by theme or by decade.

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