Activity ideas: Films and cinema

From the August/September 2018 issue of Dementia together magazine, we look at ways to continue enjoying films and cinema. 

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Watching films, at home or at the cinema, can be rewarding and entertaining, and often prompts conversation. Many people with dementia continue to enjoy seeing new films, as well as the ones that remind them of earlier times. 

Simply watching older films may encourage reminiscence, as can film-related activities. One idea is to match printed pictures of famous scenes with printed quotes. You could ask people what film they’d take to their ‘desert island’, and use YouTube or Google to find online clips. 

Side by Side

Our Side by Side service links people living with dementia to volunteers, so they can keep doing the things they love.

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In addition to watching old and new films on TV, there’s something special about going to the cinema. Dementia-friendly screenings are held by many multiplexes as well as smaller, independent cinemas. These may keep lights raised slightly throughout the film and include intervals, and have a relaxed feel where it’s OK for people to talk. 

We want all cinemas to be dementia friendly all of the time – if you think your cinema could benefit from our guidance, point them to Dementia-friendly screenings: A guide for cinemas.

The CEA card is a UK-wide scheme where carers can get into most cinemas for free if they are supporting a person with dementia. 

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