5 dementia-related blogs to follow

From the April/May 2018 issue of Dementia together magazine, we highlight five great blogs from the online dementia movement.

Wendy Mitchell

Blogger-turned-author, Wendy Mitchell

1. Which me am I today?

If you like Wendy Mitchell's book, you'll also enjoy her entertaining and thought-provoking blog, called Which me am I today? A diary about her day-to-day life, it includes her thoughts on everything from Yorkshire tea to her cat.

2. Living well with Lewy body dementia and comorbidities

Ken Clasper was diagnosed with young-onset Lewy body dementia 18 years ago. In his long running blog, he has shared his experiences, ideas and interesting links since 2012.

3. Dementia Diaries

Dementia Diaries has enabled 28 people with dementia from around the UK to record audio diaries, and you canlisten to them or read a transcript. The thoughts and experiences shared here chart contributors' frustrations and opportunities that arise from living with many different forms of dementia.

4. Alzheimer's Society blogs

Our blog website features updates on campaigns, research and other Society work, as well as personal stories from people affected by dementia - including the magazine's very own Life with Ma column. 

5. Let's talk about dementia

Alzheimer Scotland's popular blog involves many health and social care professionals and covers many aspects of dementia, with the aim of making sure that nobody faces the condition alone.

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