Benefits for people of working age: rates and thresholds

People affected by dementia who are unable to work may be entitled to certain benefits. This page explains the current rates and thresholds.

This page provides details of benefits rates and savings thresholds from April 2019 to March 2020.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with other Alzheimer’s Society information about benefits and how to apply for them, especially our page on benefits for those unable to work.

Employment and support allowance (ESA)

If aged 25 or over £73.10 weekly

If aged 18–24 £57.90 weekly

Work-related activity component £29.05 weekly

Support component £38.55 weekly

Incapacity benefit

Long-term (after 52 weeks) £112.25 weekly

Statutory sick pay

Standard rate £94.25 weekly (you need to be earning at least £118 a week to qualify).

Income support

Available to people over the age of 16 until they are eligible for Pension credit. You need to have capital (savings and other assets) of less than £16,000 to be able to claim.

Personal allowance (if aged over 25) £73.10 weekly

Couple (both aged over 18) £114.85 weekly

Enhanced disability premium £16.80 weekly

Severe disability premium £65.85 weekly

People who have reached State pension age should claim Pension credit instead of Income support.