Support from the Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian provides a range of support for the deputies of people with dementia. 

What support does the Office of the Public guardian provide for deputies?

As well as protecting the person with dementia, the OPG is also there to support people in their role as a deputy. There are numerous ways that the OPG will do this, and this is all included in the annual supervision fee. The OPG services include:

  • Phone call within the first few months - The OPG aims to contact all new deputies six weeks after their appointment. This is your chance to ask them about any concerns that you have, or any problems you are experiencing, for example with banks. Remember they are there to help, so do ask any questions you might have.
  • Visits - If you feel it would be helpful, someone from the OPG can visit to help with your role in being a deputy. This is about helping and supporting you in your role, and deputies generally find these visits very useful.
  • Case worker - Those deputies who are in the higher level of supervision (types 2A and 1 - see 'Supervision' above for details) will have a specific case worker. You can contact your own case worker as needed to ask any questions that you may have, and they are there to help you in your role as a deputy.
  • Contact centre - The OPG has a contact centre that all deputies - especially those who don't have a case worker - can contact to ask questions.

To be sure that you are acting within the powers you are given, it can be helpful to ask the OPG any questions you have, or run any queries by them. Often a quick phone call can resolve any issues that you may have, and can be a good way of getting support if you are experiencing problems.

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