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Assessment for care and support in Northern Ireland - other resources

Other organisations that may be helpful when thinking about an assessment for care and support in Northern Ireland. 

Assessment procedures in Northern Ireland are governed by legislation and regional guidance. The DHSSPSNI publishes information on:

  • who is eligible for assessment and how to apply
  • what kinds of services might be arranged
  • how to make representations (speaking about the matter on behalf of the person) and complaints.

Write, phone or call in to your local HSC trust's social services department to ask for the appropriate leaflets. The address will be in the phone book under the name of the HSC trust. Leaflets may also be available at local libraries.

Other useful organisations 

Age NI

3 Lower Crescent
Belfast BT7 1NR

T 028 9024 5729
[email protected]

Provides information and advice for older people in Northern Ireland.

Carers Northern Ireland

58 Howard Street
Belfast BT1 6PJ

T 028 9043 9843
E [email protected]
Advice email: [email protected]

Provides information and advice to carers about their rights, and how to access support.

Northern Ireland Ombudsman

Freepost BEL 1478
Belfast BT1 6BR

T 028 9023 3821
[email protected]

Independent organisation that investigates complaints about government departments, agencies or public bodies and looks for a resolution.

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Last updated: January 2013

Last reviewed: January 2012

Reviewed by: Caroline Cooley, Law Centre (NI) Western Area, Derry and staff at Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland

This information has also been reviewed by people affected by dementia. A list of sources is available on request.

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