Linda's story: 'No one should go through what my dad did'

The homecare system failed Linda’s dad, Ken, who was living with dementia. Watch her story and find out why we need to Fix Dementia Care. 

Linda and Ken's story


'After my Dad Ken was diagnosed with dementia, there was no other option but to rely on professional care. It was awful as I was living 100 miles away and soon realised that Dad was not getting the care he so desperately needed.'

'My Dad’s homecare workers didn’t understand how to deal with his dementia. They didn’t know how to speak to him and I felt they often did the bare minimum.'

'Dad’s life became a living hell. He was so scared of ‘strangers’ being in his house that he’d barricade himself in the kitchen, often going without food when I wasn’t there. I don’t think he was ever washed or changed, which makes me really angry.'

'No one should have to live like my dad lived, without the appropriate care.'

The homecare system failed Linda’s dad, Ken, and fails thousands of others every single day.

Call on the Government to fix homecare for people with dementia.

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