Lorraine's story: ‘I’m helping to find a cure by leaving a gift in my Will’

Lorraine Brown was diagnosed with dementia at the age of just 61. Now she's fighting back.

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'I’m a mother, a grandmother and I've always been a fighter, whatever life throws at me. But when I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at just 61 years old, I'll admit, the fight went out of me. I was devastated beyond belief. 

I wanted my world back. I wanted my job, my life, my hopes for the future. I had nine very dark months in which I felt extremely low. It was like a bad dream. 

Eventually, I had to accept that I have dementia - and I have to fight. One of the ways I'm doing this is by leaving a gift in my Will to Alzheimer's Society.'

Why am I leaving a gift my in Will?

'My dad went through years of confusion and memory-loss. Now it's my turn to battle Alzheimer's. I'm only 64 but sometimes I don't recognise where I am. I often can't remember every day information and my vision is also affected. 

No one knows what the future holds, for me or my family. I hope with all my heart that they will never have to face this terrible condition. I want to do all I can to protect my loved ones from the devastation that dementia brings.

It’s the best gift you can make: a brighter future for the ones you love.'

Alzheimer's Society have supported me, so I want to give back to them

'From going to peer support groups and dementia cafes to campaigning to improve life with dementia, they've helped me to become a voice for people with the condition. So, I'm asking you to please consider leaving a gift in your Will to help put a stop to dementia.'

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If you’ve already kindly left a gift in your Will to help people with dementia, or are considering doing so, please let us know now to help us plan our work for the future. 

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