Facebook fundraising

If you'd like to ask for donations in lieu of gifts on your birthday, anniversary, or another occasion, you can do so with Facebook's fundraiser tool.

Setting up a fundraising page or adding a donate button to your Facebook post is straightforward. All donations go directly to our charity and help us to support more people affected by dementia. 

How to create a Facebook fundraiser

To create a Facebook fundraising page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select ‘fundraisers’ in your Facebook news feed menu. 
  2. Press the ‘raise money’ button.
  3. Select ‘charity’. 
  4. Search ‘Alzheimer’s Society’. Once selected, you can customise your fundraiser details and cover photo if you want to.
  5. Click create.

How to add a donate button to your Facebook post

Facebook also offers the option of adding a ‘donate’ button to posts you make on your news feed.

If you’d like to add a ‘donate’ option when creating a Facebook post, scroll down and select ‘support non-profit’ and you can find and select Alzheimer’s Society from the list. On some devices or desktop computers, you may need to click for more options to see 'support non-profit'.

Start fundraising on Facebook

We’re so grateful for the money our supporters raise for us and every penny raised goes back into our work. This helps us to campaign, research and support more people affected by dementia.

To help us fight dementia, please visit Facebook’s fundraiser page below.

Create a Facebook fundraiser

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