London to Amsterdam

Event Type: Cycle
Date: Thursday 27 September – Monday 1 October
Location: London, Calais, Bruges and Amsterdam
Registration Fee: £99
Fundraising Target: £1,550
Level: Tough

Cycle through four countries in four days on this epic 330 mile European cycling challenge.

Starting in London, you'll head South, cross the Channel and cycle from Calais - Bruges. Having journeyed through the sights of beautiful Bruges, you'll then make your way to Breda, the Southern part of the Netherlands. On your 4th and final day of cycling, you'll head north along the coast into cheese country, before finally ending up in the fantastic city of Amsterdam. On day 5 you'll be free to explore Amsterdam with your team and celebrate as you please! You'll then make your way back to London on the Eurostar. 

Have a question? Email [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help!

There are two ways of funding your place on this trip.

Sponsorship option 1 - Minimum sponsorship

You commit to raising a minimum sponsorship of £1,550 per person. £1,240 of this amount must be received by the charity by Friday 16 August 2018 and out of this we pay the balance of your trip costs. The rest of your sponsorship must be sent in no later than 6 weeks after your return. 

Self funding option 2 - Self funder

You may prefer to cover all of the trip costs yourself. To do this you must have paid in £750 by Friday 16 August 2018, from which we pay the balance of your trip costs. 

Choosing this option means you pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £800 and will aim to send in as much as possible to us before the trip and no later than 6 weeks after your return.

Where are we staying in Amsterdam? 

The hotel details will be provided at a later date, a little closer to the event. 

Can my partner join us for the celebration drinks?

We cannot guarantee this until the hotel details have been confirmed but please note numbers will be limited and it will be on a first come first served basis.

Can my friend/partner join me in Amsterdam? 

Unfortunately we are unable to book rooms for anyone not on the ride but you can book this directly with the hotel.

I am staying on in Amsterdam but don't want to take my bike with me. Can I have this taken back to the UK and returned to me?

The tour operator (Action Challenge) offer a bike courier service. Get in touch and we can send you a form to request this. 

What kind of people take part in this cycle challenge and how fit do I need to be?

We're expecting a wide range of people of different ages and cycling ability to take part. You will need need to have a good level of fitness and follow a regular training regime to ensure you can cycle long distances over four consecutive days (approximately 90 miles per day).

Once registered, we will provide you with a training plan put together by coaching experts at RunningwithUs. This is designed to help you achieve the required level of fitness for this challenge.

If you are over 65 years old, you will need to provide a medical certificate from your doctor confirming that you are fit and healthy to participate in the challenge. 

How will Alzheimer's Society support me?

Before the trip:

We will be here to support with you every step of the way with your fundraising and training. We will provide fundraising ideas, tips and materials. Our training plan will help you get fit and we'll stay in touch to hear how you're getting on. We'll also organise a pre-event information day a few months before the trip, which is a great opportunity to find out more about the challenge, meet fellow participants and share fundraising and training tips.

On the trip:

You will be travelling with a tour leader and experienced support staff. All luggage is transported by vehicle en route. You should carry any items needed during the day in a bum bag, day sack or saddle bag. At the start of your trip you will be given a map and your route will be clearly marked. There will be a vehicle ahead and one behind with spares, and depending on numbers there may be an additional roving vehicle. 

What will the weather be like in September?

It should be mild by day (14 - 18 degrees) and cold by night (8 - 12 degrees). There will be a chance of rain on some days. It may be windy in flatter areas. 

What will the terrain be like?

The cycling is undulating with distances of approximately 90 miles per day. You will ride mainly on small country roads. Traffic is light on most of the roads but when we pass through larger towns we will go through as a group.

It is recommended that you ride a road/racing bike (rather than a mountain bike) for this trip due to the long distances involved on well-surfaced roads. Helmets must be worn on this trip.

Do I need to bring any spares?

There will be a range of spares in the support vehicles along with a full tool kit. You should carry a small puncture repair kit, spare inner tube/s and small pump.

What about luggage?

Your luggage will be transported between overnight stops in a support vehicle. Space is limited so please pack your luggage in a medium rucksack or soft kitbag. Please do not bring suitcases. 

What is included in the trip and what else do I have to pay for?


  • All transport from London to Calais, including a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais and return to London on the EuroStar

  • All accommodation 

  • Leader, guides, mechanics

  • Luggage transfer

  • All meals, except in free time 

  • Rest stops and snacks along the route

  • Medical support team

Not included:

  • Travel insurance

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Single supplement

  • Bike and helmet

*You must have travel insurance to take part in this trip but do make sure that your bike is insured under your house policy, as the tour operator's travel insurance (and most others) do not cover the full cost of replacement.

What is the accommodation like?

You will have four nights in two or three star hotels. Prices are based on two people sharing. 

I need accommodation the night before the cycle ride begins. Where can I stay?

More details will be provided on where to stay the night before your challenge closer to the event.

Do I need any vaccinations?

You must have had a tetanus injection in the last ten years. You should also contact your GP or travel clinic for the latest travel health advice.


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