How to set up a JustGiving page

Find out how to set up a JustGiving page when you're fundraising for Alzheimer's Society.

Setting up an online sponsor form with JustGiving is a great way to collect donations. It also make it easy to share your activity on social media or email to your supporters. 

Go to and simply follow the instructions to set up your page. Or see below for our top tips.

How to create a JustGiving page

  • Click on the 'Create your page' button on the bottom of the page. Click on the event you are participating in. If it is not shown you can create your own by clicking on sporting / personal / in memory / other. 
  • Personalise your page with a photo of yourself in your t-shirt / vest. 
  • Add a message for your potential sponsors on the page and draft a thank you message. This is automatically sent to your sponsors. 
  • Send updates to your sponsors, friends, relatives and colleagues on how you are doing - both in terms of fundraising and training for the event. It's nice for those who have already supported you, and acts as a gentle nudge for those who haven't yet gotten around to donating! 
  • Adapt your personal (or work) e-mail signature and add a line at the bottom telling people about the event you are doing, including the address of your web page. 
  • Ask to be put onto your company website, either its public website or private company intranet. If they produce a newsletter, you could ask to be included in this, too. 
  • As with more traditional forms of fundraising, please encourage your supporters to tick the Gift Aid fields - the Inland Revenue will give the Alzheimer's Society 25p for every £1 donated.

About JustGiving

JustGiving was designed by fundraising experts and is fully compliant with all data protection requirements.

Supporters will not be bombarded with unsolicited emails.

Alzheimer's Society receives notification of all payments once a month, whereupon they will be processed and added to your fundraising total.


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