April Squat Challenge

Take on the April Squat Challenge and complete 3,000 squats throughout the month. Your fundraising will help people affected by dementia now and in the future.

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What is the April Squat Challenge?

To complete the challenge all you need to do is perform 3,000 squats across the month of April. It's up to you how you divide it up - whether that be an equal amount of 100 a day or you complete slightly more on one day compared to another, it's completely up to you.

Three easy steps to get started

1. Join the Facebook group

2. Set up your Facebook fundraiser

3. Spread the word about your amazing challenge

Don't worry, if you aren't a Facebook user but would still like to take part in the challenge, you can fundraise on JustGiving here. Please do bear in mind that any updates will be shared in the Facebook group.

Track your progress

Tick off the days as you go with our downloadable daily tracker.


Download your daily tracker

What age group is it suitable for?

To join the Facebook Group, you need to be over 18. Facebook fundraisers can only be set up by over 18s. If you wish to take part and are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian and fundraise through JustGiving

What will I receive?

You will be part of our private Facebook group where you can connect with other people doing the challenge and receive updates from us to keep you motivated.

You can also claim a free Alzheimer’s Society t-shirt when you sign up by filling out the following form: ttps://givp.nl/e/Xaq0tr4T  

How do I fundraise?

You can fundraise via a Facebook fundraiser here: https://givepanel.me/fb/qYvwdTGn This makes it very easy for your Facebook friends to donate.

Alternatively, you can fundraise via JustGiving and you can set your page up here: http://www.justgiving.com/fundraising-page/creation/?cid=2201&eid=7404853

How do I safely complete a squat?

  • Your feet should be between hip- and shoulder-width distance apart, with your toes slightly turned out (between 5 and 15 degrees).
  • Your spine should be neutral, shoulders back, chest open
  • Make sure you keep your heels down and keep them planted throughout the move.
  • You can clasp hands in front of chest for balance.
  • Initiate the movement by sending the hips back as if you’re sitting back into an invisible chair
  • Bend knees to lower down as far as possible with chest lifted in a controlled movement. Keep lower back neutral. 
  • Press through heels to stand back up to starting position. Repeat.

Source: RunnersWorld

If at any point you experience pain or injury whilst completing the challenge we recommend you stop and contact your GP if the issue persists. 

Take part in the challenge

Join the official Facebook group for the April Squat Challenge.

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