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Ellie and family at Christmas
This Christmas, help the National Dementia Helpline give families the advice and support they desperately need.

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Sarah’s daughter, Ellie, used to love Christmas. But the last one hadn’t been any fun at all. Sarah shares her story of how the National Dementia Helpline brought hope to their family.

Last year was the first time Ellie’s granny and grandpa came to our house for Christmas since Dad's dementia diagnosis.

Ellie couldn’t wait to see her grandpa, but things were different - they've always been so close but he barely said one word to her. Or to anyone else.

‘Grandpa wasn't jolly like he used to be’
- Ellie

I called the National Dementia Helpline and spoke to them about my dad. They were amazing. Just completely focused on providing the support we needed.

I was given some really useful tips for the next time he comes to stay. They put me in touch with one of their Dementia Advisors who has been a huge help, especially for Mum.

'I called The National Dementia Helpline. They were amazing. Thanks to the help we received since that first call, Ellie can’t wait for this Christmas.'
- Sarah

Providing support for people affected by dementia

The National Dementia Helpline speaks with people who feel helpless, isolated and overwhelmed. 

Sometimes we hear this from a person living with dementia. But very often, it’s the closest family or friends of someone with dementia.

We’re here to listen and give advice, so that nobody faces the pressure and anxiety of dementia alone. But it’s our devoted supporters who give generously to keep the phone lines open.

We rely on your donations

Over the last year, we’ve answered more than 42,000 calls for help.

But with one person every three minutes developing dementia, we’re struggling to keep up. 

Without the Helpline, families living with dementia could have nobody to turn to.

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