The Big Win Sweepstake

Fundraise and potentially win some cash by holding your own Sweepstake!

Why play?

Sweepstakes are a fantastic way to win some cash – and you can get your family, friends and colleagues involved too.  They’re easy to take part in and super fun!  And, best of all you’ll be raising vital money for people with dementia.

You can carry out a sweepstake for just about anything! 

How to play

Simply download our handy PDF guide that we have created above.

Then, get your friends, family or colleagues to take part by giving a couple of pounds to enter.  And, at the end of the competition 50% of the pot goes to the lucky winner, and we ask 50% be donated to Alzheimer’s Society to make a difference to the 850,000 people currently affected by dementia.

All you have to do, is visit this page again and hit that donate button! 

Play to beat dementia

Donate half your winnings to Alzheimer’s Society, by clicking the donate button below.  



Terms and conditions

  • This sweepstake is a non-commercial equal-chance game
  • Half the funds raised from this sweepstake must be paid to Alzheimer’s Society by the organiser.
  • The remaining half of the money raised will go to the winner or winners (as set out by the organiser) of the sweepstake.
  • All players must pay the same amount per entry. This figure must not be more than £8.
  • The total prize money will not exceed £600.
  • Names will be drawn from a hat or by another method that gives an equal chance of the participants winning and does not involve the exercise of skill or judgement.
  • Entry shall only be made in person, not remotely.
  • The sweepstake shall not take place on any premises with a gambling premises licence.
  • The promoter is responsible for sweepstake and ensuring it runs properly – Alzheimer’s Society does not accept responsibility for the sweepstake