Make your organisation more dementia friendly

Advice on how to make your organisation dementia friendly with support from our Dementia Friends initiative.

We support hundreds of organisations to become dementia friendly. The steps we advise respond directly to experiences of people affected by dementia when interacting with different organisations. This means your actions will work to support people with dementia to live well in their community and enable them to continue doing the everyday things that we take for granted. 

Step 1

We recommend you to begin by rolling out our Dementia Friends initiative to all of your team members, as this would ensure a basic knowledge and understanding of dementia throughout the organisation.

Dementia Friends involves learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. It is an easy and effective way for organisations to increase awareness and understanding. From a 5 minute video to a 45 minute presentation, there are a range of roll out methods to suit your structure. 

Step 2

We would then encourage you to build on this foundation, by following the guidelines in our sector specific our resources.

We have a number of guides available to download, to help your organisation or community more dementia-friendly. Our publications cover major sectors, such as retail, financial services, arts, housing and utilities. And our business guide is an all-encompassing guide for organisations to help support both their employees and customers.

Step 3

Everyone, from governments and local shops, to book clubs and churches, we all have a part to play in creating communities where people with dementia feel active, engaged and valued. There may already be a group in your area.  By joining, you’ll be working together to encourage more people, groups and organisations to become dementia-friendly.

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