Make your organisation more dementia friendly

Find out how to make your organisation dementia friendly with support from our Dementia Friends initiative and sector specific resources.

We support hundreds of organisations to become dementia friendly. Take these steps to raise dementia awareness in your organisation and support people with dementia to live well in their communities.

Step 1: Register with our Dementia Friends Initiative

Dementia Friends is an easy and effective way for organisations to increase awareness and understanding. From a 5 minute video to a 45 minute presentation, there are a range of roll out methods to suit your structure. 

After registering you will gain access to resources and information aimed at helping members of your organisation understand dementia and how it may affect customers or employees.

Step 2: Download our sector specific guides

Our publications cover major sectors, such as retail, financial services, arts, housing and utilities. These practical guides include case studies, information on how to take action, and guidance about becoming more dementia-friendly,.

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