Emergency Services Strategic Commitment on dementia form

Your commitment

We know that any emergency situation is stressful and this is especially true for people living with dementia, their family and carers.

Preventing emergencies is key and emergency services have the skills and understanding to work with communities to prevent the occurrence of, or reduce the impact of these situations.

Our services are delivered to the communities we serve by our most important asset, our staff. We understand that as people live and work longer it is increasingly likely that some of our colleagues will find themselves with caring responsibilities for people living with dementia or may themselves develop the condition.

As an organisation that represents emergency services we therefore make the following strategic commitments:

  • We will work towards being dementia friendly employers with suitable employment policies and procedures in place to allow us to support colleagues who become carers or those who themselves develop dementia.
  • We will ensure staff have the necessary awareness, skills and understanding to recognise and support people living with dementia before, during and after an emergency incident.
  • We will work together and with our local partners to maintain and improve the general safety of people living with dementia, their families and carers.
  • We will support Alzheimer’s Society in their quest to develop more dementia-friendly communities and Dementia Friends in line with the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia and the subsequent duty on all public services.

These commitments will improve our services and care for people living with dementia, our policies and procedures, practices, training and the application of all that we do will require regular updates and assessment to ensure we keep pace with developments in the fight against this disease.

To this end, we commit to working closely with recognised experts in organisations such as Alzheimer’s Society to seek best practice for the practical application of this pledge and to invite robust review as we continually challenge ourselves; and our organisations to improve our services in the communities we serve.