Dementia 2012

Dementia 2012: A national challenge

Dementia 2012: A national challenge was Alzheimer's Society‚Äôs first annual report exploring how well people are living with dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It pulled together existing evidence, statistics and policy from a range of sources.

The figures have been updated in Dementia 2013: The hidden voice of loneliness and Dementia 2014: An opportunity for change.

We will show how well people are living with dementia based on the outcomes that are important to them and chart progress and opportunities for action, year on year.

Prime Minister Challenge

The Prime Minster, David Cameron, has issued a national challenge on dementia at the Dementia 2012 conference: committing to

A new website on the PM challenge has now been launched. This will include updates on how the challenge is progressing and information on how everyone can contribute.

David Cameron discusses dementia

Dementia friendly communities

Alzheimer's Society is leading a dementia friendly communities programme to support the changes we are calling for in the report. Through the programme, we aim to support and give public recognition to villages, towns, cities and national organisations who are taking steps towards being more inclusive of people with dementia.