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It’s not just you: Getting the support you need on Dementia Talking Point

Dementia Talking Point, our online community, helps many people to feel less alone and more understood.

Whether you’re caring for someone with dementia or living with your own diagnosis, the condition leaves many people dealing with loneliness and isolation. 

You might not know where to turn for support, and if you feel like nobody else would understand anyway, this could make you want to talk about it even less. 

Each month our online community, Dementia Talking Point, holds a Q&A with an expert about a chosen topic. The focus of the most recent session was loneliness, isolation and how to stay connected. 

This is one of the most talked about topics on the online community – you’re definitely not the only person going through this, even though it can feel like that. 

Time and distance 

During the Q&A, people asked lots of questions about loneliness. A few talked about how their caring responsibilities mean they don’t have the time to socialise or maintain friendships. 

Another described how, when he tries to speak to friends about his feelings – and despite them being generally supportive – they either can’t understand or don’t seem comfortable talking about dementia. They sometimes change the subject completely, presumably because they don’t know what to say. 

Some said that because they live in a rural area, the nearest services and support groups are too far away, leaving them feeling cut off. 

Different areas 

On Dementia Talking Point, there is a place where you can talk privately with other community members about how you feel. 

For when you need something lighter, there are also areas to talk about what books, films or music you’re enjoying at the moment, or to share jokes and puzzles. 

You might feel like nobody around you gets what you’re dealing with, but there will be plenty of people on the online community who have a good understanding of this. 

By opening up and talking about the difficult things, you can help to support each other through it – you don’t have to feel alone in feeling alone. 

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Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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