Taking your calls: Our Dementia Connect support line and coronavirus

Denh Pham, Dementia Adviser, shares how Alzheimer’s Society’s support line is helping callers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Being there at the end of a phone line is something our dementia advisers have always done. However, coronavirus has made phone support even more vital for people affected by dementia.

Many callers have felt confused or conflicted over how to follow government guidance, or worried about someone continuing to get essential support. 

I’ve been asked about whether a person might not be given lifesaving treatment for coronavirus when they also have dementia, concern about carers whose partners can be verbally aggressive and threatening, and struggles with not being able to say a ‘proper goodbye’ when a loved one is dying. 

Responding to these isn’t easy, but I’m thankful for all our training and the fact that our team is always there for each other.

Denh Pham, dementia adviser

We really listen to callers to help them identify their options. We can email or post additional information or put them in touch with local support where appropriate.

Often, it’s more about working through difficult emotions to see where these have come from.

Coming to terms with how they’re feeling can mean it’s easier to identify next steps – and to have the confidence to take them.

There’s something really uplifting about the way communities have pulled together at this time. I hope that awareness of the importance of these connections remains when we come out the other side.

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Dementia together magazine: June/July 20

Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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I 'phoned the support line this morning feeling a bit low after a couple of stressful days caring for my wife who has vascular dementia and I would just like to say how refreshed and reinvigorated I felt after my conversation with the most pleasant and reassuring advisor anyone could hope for. Thank you most sincerely for this service.

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Hello David,
It’s really good to hear that you have found our support line beneficial.
Alzheimer’s Society’s magazine – Dementia together – is currently working on an article about the support line and how it helps carers/relatives and people with dementia. We’d be very interested in hearing more about your positive experiences.
Would you be happy for us to contact you via the email address you supplied, to explain a bit more about the article and discuss whether you might like to be involved?
Alzheimer's Society's Magazine team

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