Dementia research news summer 15 brief

Care and cure magazine - Summer 2015

The amount of money spent on dementia research in the UK is still too low when compared with its economic impact, according to a new study. Researchers tallied the cost of dementia in 2012 and other leading causes of death and disability. They found that for every £10 spent on dementia, just 8p went on funding research into the condition.

A large clinical trial in Finland has shown that offering detailed health guidance to people in later life improves brain function. Participants were split into two groups, with half receiving simple health advice and the other receiving in-depth guidance. After two years, the group that had received the personalised advice did significantly better on a range of tests, including reasoning and speed of brain processing.

An analysis of almost 2 million UK health records suggests that being underweight in mid-to-late life is associated with a higher risk of dementia, and being overweight with a lower risk. This is in contrast to previous research and common scientific thinking which suggest that being overweight increases the risk of dementia.