Top tips for writing an effective Dementia Friendly Awards nomination

If you are thinking of nominating for this year's Dementia Friendly Awards then we have put together the below tips to help you.

1. Your nomination doesn’t need to be very long- just a few sentences is enough.  Keep your explanations clear and to the point, as you’ll only have 300 words for each question.

2. Use bullet points. Don't worry about crafting beautiful paragraphs - you can provide information in a bulleted list.

3. Write your nomination in Word first and copy and paste it into the nomination form, so you can check you are not over the word count, and you can save it as you go, so nothing is lost if the web page were to crash.

4. Make sure your examples fit at least one of the criteria- the more the better!

5. Write a clear opening statement to show the judges straight away that the person is worthy of being nominated.

6. You’ll be asked three questions on your nomination form:

  • What activity the person has done- give specific examples of times when the criteria have been demonstrated. Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding – prove it! Tell a story of what they did and how they did it.
  • What the outcome of that activity was- tell us what happened as a result of their activity. What the impact was- tell us why their activity was important and what difference the activity made.
  • How they have positively impacted people affected by dementia - tell us how people affected have been affected, involved or consulted.

7. You can repeat information that you’ve entered to answer the questions in the summary and person profile, to save you time.

8. Feel free to use quotes and case studies- anything that will help back up your nomination.

9. Does anyone else know the person you are nominating? Ask them to give you a quote for your nomination or even submit a nomination too. Having examples from different perspectives will help the nomination.

10. It’s ok to nominate yourself! You know better than anyone the fantastic work you’ve been doing, so make sure you get that recognition!

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