Northern Ireland

Care home fees in Northern Ireland

If a person needs care provided in a residential or nursing home in Northern Ireland, they may have to contribute to the costs. This will depend on the value of their assets, such as their income and capital.


Paying for care in Northern Ireland: Support at home

Health and social care (HSC) trusts can choose when to charge for care and support provided in a person's home, or 'domiciliary care'. Learn more about respite care, direct payments and privately-funded care at home in Northern Ireland.


Care assessment process in Northern Ireland

A community care assessment tells a Health and social care (HSC) trust about the help a person needs. This is followed by a review of their social care needs and may also be followed by a financial assessment.


Paying for care in Northern Ireland

Paying for social care can be a concern for many people. Read about the various ways to pay for social care in Northern Ireland, and the amount someone might be expected to pay.


20,000 reasons to take action on dementia in Northern Ireland

Isolated. Alone. Denied the health and social care they need. This is still the experience of too many people with dementia and those who care for them right across Northern Ireland. Here are five priorities the Government need to action. 

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