People affected by dementia were ignored in the Government's Autumn Statement

Read Alzheimer's Society's response to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2016 and sign up to our Fix Dementia Care campaign.

Yesterday the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the Government’s future spending plans for the UK in the Autumn Statement. He promised extra money for housing and transport but health and social care were ignored. 

Autumn Statement Fix Dementia Care

This is a crushing disappointment for Alzheimer’s Society and people affected by dementia who have been calling on the Chancellor to give £25million to dementia training for all homecare workers as part of the Fix Dementia Care campaign.

The social care system in the UK is in dire straits. There are currently very few medical treatments for dementia which means that ‘social care’ (help with things such as washing, dressing and eating) is the type of care that people with dementia rely on.

But unlike health care, social care is not free to everyone. We hear of thousands of people with dementia and their families paying huge amounts of money for poor quality care, like care in the home. And we know the government can put a stop to it.

People with dementia should be able to stay in their homes, where they want to be, for as long as possible. But without proper training on dementia, many care workers struggle to deliver good care that takes into account the specific needs of those people. 

Alzheimer’s Society has found that 1 in 3 homecare workers have no dementia training and some are leaving people in soiled clothes, surviving without hot meals and even missing vital medication. We have a broken homecare system that is failing thousands of people living with dementia who rely on homecare workers to enable them to live well.

That’s why we were calling on the Chancellor to give £25million to fund dementia training for all homecare workers. But despite 9,000 of our supporters writing to him to support our call – it was ignored.

This was a missed opportunity and there are now thousands of people with dementia and their carers being let down by a government which isn’t listening to their needs. We get told again and again that social care isn’t an issue that politicians care about, because voters don’t care about it – but we know this is simply untrue.

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Please don't let our loved ones go on suffering anymore than they already have been.It is very scary and to be honest it's "just in humane" . They are people,real human beings.Sincerely Eliana Simonet

Two weeks ago I took my husband,who has Type 2 diabetes and also Alzheimer's,to our local hospital for his annual 'retinal photography' test.He was bombarded with questions that he didn't understand and we were told that because he couldn't give his permission to have the eyedrops the test couldn't go ahead.He was confused and very distressed and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.This was inside an NHS hospital and such an attitude could have very far reaching consequences in more serious situations.Where has common sense and understanding of dementia gone ?

People with dementia deserve respect & dignity, not to be ignored.
Please give them the support they need after all it could be you or someone close to you affected next.

Keep up the good work and don't let these set backs upset you. You are all doing a great job and the day will come when this government is older and probably need help as they age, and when they need help we will bring back the work housework house. Good things will happen to benefit our Lovely people, I have spent this morning at one of our U3A's with 6 Dementia ladies and it was a joy to be in their company.

Love to you all Margaret. .

great post and highlighting one of the biggest issues that they are facing, we here at Secure Healthcare Solutions agency west midlands united kingdom, that this very close to our hearts as we try raising awareness every on social media.

we understand that caring for families with dementia can be hard and reading the comments just shows how everyone is being affected.

we all need to help fight this and Secure Healthcare solutions agency in west midlands trains it staff to be even more careful and continue to raise awareness and stop this once and for all.

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