Matt Hancock meets the Jelly Drops team

Jelly Drops sweets available now - a simple and tasty way to boost daily water intake

Alzheimer’s Society has supported the development of Jelly Drops, bite-sized sweets designed to increase your water intake. Find out about the latest progress on the development of this exciting product.

This article was first published on 14 June 2019 and updated on 13 July 2020. 

What are Jelly Drops?

Jelly Drops are a bite-sized, sugar-free sweets containing 95 per cent water and added electrolytes. 

They were invented by Lewis Hornby, who was inspired by his grandmother and her love for sweets. Lewis developed bright, raindrop-shaped sweets as an easy way to increase her daily water intake. 

Lewis and his Jelly Drops team have worked alongside people with dementia, doctors and dementia psychologists to develop their fantastic product. 

Alzheimer’s Society is delighted to have partnered with Lewis and the Jelly Drops team over the last year through our Accelerator Programme

We are excited to announce that the Jelly Drops team have begun to deliver their fantastic product. 

Jelly drops

Lewis Hornby and his grandmother.

How Jelly Drops have helped people during the coronavirus pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Jelly Drops team have worked even harder to make their water sweets available to the most vulnerable people in our society.

People living in care homes have been a primary concern for the Jelly Drops team during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Jelly Drops team are also helping to cater to a small number of NHS coronavirus hospital wards, not just for the patients but also for the NHS staff. Members of staff are finding that long shifts and personal protective equipment (PPE) often leave them feeling dehydrated. 

Dehydration and dementia

Dehydration is a common challenge for older people, and especially those with dementia. Memory problems mean that people living with dementia can often forget to drink enough water. 

What’s more, the part of the brain that tells you when you’re thirsty, doesn’t always work properly. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion and even hospitalisation.

Jelly Drops team

The Jelly Drops team.

How can I get some Jelly Drops? 

There has been a huge demand for Jelly Drops since they were first introduced to the public in June 2019.

Since then, the Jelly Drops team have been building up large-scale production as fast as they can. 

You can now order Jelly Drops online, either as a one-off purchase or subscription.

To get hold of your own Jelly Drops, visit the Jelly Drops website today.

Order Jelly Drops today

You can buy a single tray of Jelly Drops, or start a subscription via the website.

Buy Jelly Drops


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I would love my husband Norman to have some of these jellies what a brilliant idea

This is helpful

Is there an update on the availability of these hydration jellys?

This is helpful

It is my hope that Jelly Drops are marketed Sooner than Later this can actually save the lives of our loved mothers is a 81 year old dementia patient who flat out refuses to drink the fluids recommended to keep her hydrated her kidneys are in a crisis mode of failing if something such as Jelly Drops doesn't arrive and arrive soon

This is helpful

Please get these in production Asap. I have been hearing about them for nearly 3years now and still waiting. I cant believe, there isnt anything already on the market. Such a massive part of keeping our loved ones healthy, so simple.

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Can’t wait to get these for my mom
She suffers severe dehydration and dementia

This is helpful

Keep going ! An invention borne out of love and necessity has great chance of success! I tried to sign up to keep informed but page had errors, but I guess this organisation will keep us informed. My mother has levy body’s dementia , ( were in nz ) and regular get dehydrated so soft jelly looses sound ideal. Please use natural colourings and make vegan if possible and your market will go on for ever as millennials age !

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Hola exelente idea pero quisiera saber cuando van ha salir a la vente

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My grandmother is in a nursing home and has Alzheimer's and Dementia and I would love to be able to get these for her. Great idea and keep up the work and bringing these to life!

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Here's how you know you have a good product. I saw a quick video about these at least a year ago, and when I found out this Thanksgiving that my Aunt has started refusing to drink liquids, this was the first thing I thought about. I hope these go into development soon.

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How much longer till we are able to purchase? Every year I look online and it says they are still working on it.

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Kudos!!! This is a perfect idea!! We all know how much the elderly love their sweets and not water! How clever! Can’t wait to buy these for my mom with Alzheimer’s! Thank you!

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This concept needs to be taken to the Health minister, but you need to have more exposure on Tv Internet GP’s finding a sponsor would be the first thing. Water 💦 jelly drops need to be made available to all with need off water ( medical ,disaster, drought, Nursing, Rest and the list goes on.

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These sound just what I am looking for for my Mum who has Dementia.
Are they available to buy yet?

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I have a family member dying from a Brain Tumor all we can do is try and make him comfortable but getting him to drink fluids has been very difficult. can’t wait to see these out on the market

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I would love these for my 91 year old who suffering from Alzheimer’s and forgets to eat or drink. I can’t be there 24/7. These would be amazing also a massive help to my Aunty me and her career

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