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In 2019-20, Alzheimer's Society are running a pilot Apprenticeships scheme. We are looking for two Degree Apprentices to spend four years working in the Society while also studying at Queen Mary University London (QMUL). We are also looking for two Finance Apprentices.

Our aim for this year is to recruit two Degree Apprentices and two Finance Apprentices. After this year, we'll see how the pilot has gone and learn how we might expand our Apprenticeship scheme for next year.

We will evaluate the pilot and learn how we might expand the scheme in the future.

Degree Apprentices

This is an opportunity to bring in two apprentices to the Society on a four year apprenticeship scheme working in partnership with Queen Mary University London (QMUL). 

The apprentice works three days per work for the Society, rotating through different roles in Fundraising/Marketing/Policy/People/Finance and other departments, over four years.  At the same time the apprentice studies for two days per week at the University on a degree course.

The deadline for applications was 31 May 2019.​

Finance apprentices

The finance team are working on what this will look like and we'll have more information coming soon.

Why are we piloting an Apprenticeship scheme?

A successful apprenticeship scheme can improve both productivity and competitiveness whilst at the same time improving morale and retention, the ability to attract good people and the reputation of the organisation in our sector. 71% of FTSE 100 companies have apprenticeship schemes.

We pay in a percentage of our salary bill into the government apprenticeship levy fund.  We can use some of this money to pay for the skills development of apprentices. For the Degree Apprentices, this would cover the funding for their degree course with QMUL.

If you'd like to find out more about these opportunities, email [email protected]

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