Quality Policy

We have successfully achieved certification to the internationally recognised Quality Management System standard (ISO 9001:2015). Our Quality Policy reflects our commitment in enhancing the lives of people affected by dementia, and in continually improving our processes and services.

Alzheimer’s Society is a user-focused, independent national charitable organisation, able to respond to current needs and demands of people affected by dementia, and to plan strategically for the future.

We will continue to be a key national and local contributor to a society in which people affected by dementia are valued, supported and engaged, their dependence on statutory services is reduced or delayed and their quality of life is enhanced.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS), our key business processes, the key services we offer, and in satisfying all applicable and ISO 9001:2015 certification requirements.

Through the effective and efficient application of our QMS, we will ensure consistency of approach in delivering services and products that enhance customer satisfaction. It is a core expectation that our results will reflect our commitment to quality in all the services we deliver.

Quality objectives and measures will be set in support of this policy. These will be regularly reviewed/approved by Senior Management of the relevant services and products.

Quality principles

In delivering our commitment to quality we apply the following principles:

Customer focus

People affected by dementia and our service users are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to safeguarding people affected by dementia from abuse and neglect.


We will routinely report on the performance of our QMS and the impact it achieves to senior management and trustees.

Engagement of people

In line with the Society’s values it is everyone’s responsibility (including specific management role responsibilities) to ensure the quality objectives of the organisation are achieved.

Process approach

We will enable outcomes to be obtained more objectively, effectively and efficiently, while improving predictable results and consistency as a series of planned processes.


We will ensure the various feedback and learning we gain is acted upon for the continual improvement of the QMS.

Evidence based decision making

We will build quality measures into our core processes and services to inform evidence based decision making.

Relationship management

By effectively managing relationships and meeting the needs of relevant interested parties, we will better understand the goals and values among interested parties, improve performance and our process for managing risks and opportunities.

Recognition and endorsement

We recognise that improvements in process understanding and compliance will help to ensure the sustainability of our organisation; as will the maintenance of our organisational knowledge for the consistent provision of products and services, and for business continuity purposes.

This policy is endorsed by Alzheimer’s Society Senior Management Team and Delivering Support Committee.


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View our ISO9001 2015 Quality Management System Certificate

Last updated October 2019

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