Global Alzheimer’s and Dementia Action Alliance

We co-founded the Global Alzheimer's and Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA), which works to engage a broad spectrum of international civil society organisations to recognise the part they can play in global action on dementia.


Alzheimer's Society is a co-founder of the Global Alzheimer's & Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA), alongside Alzheimer's Disease International and others. Alzheimer's Society also hosts the GADAA secretariat and currently chairs the GADAA Steering Committee via our CEO Jeremy Hughes. GADAA was launched by the Secretary of State to meet the recommendation of the G8 Dementia Declaration to “mainstream dementia” by involving a much wider coalition of civil society actors.

Dementia is a cross-cutting issue that intersects the agenda of a broad spectrum of iNGOs including international development organisations, health-focused NGOs, disability rights champions, human rights organisations, faith based groups and women's organisations. The GADAA network is open to international civil society organisations seeking to champion global action on dementia.

Check out the GADAA website to find out more.

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