Global action against dementia

Supporting the G8 summit on dementia

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In 2013 the UK used its presidency of the G8 to spearhead a global effort to tackle dementia through research.

With an ageing population, dementia is soon to become the biggest burden on healthcare systems around the world. In 2010, the global cost of dementia was around £400 billion and this figure will continue to rise as more people are diagnosed each year. Alzheimer's disease international estimates that about 135 million people will be living with dementia by 2050.

On 11 December London hosted an international summit meeting on dementia. Health and science ministers, world-leading experts and senior industry figures gathered to discuss and agree on an international approach for future dementia research.

How did Alzheimer's Society support the summit?

Alzheimer's Society worked hard to shape the agenda for the G8 summit to ensure the best outcomes for people with dementia.
  • To give people affected by dementia a voice, we organised a listening event at the Department of Health on 1 November. We invited people with dementia, family members and caregivers to share their first-hand experiences of dementia and outline their priorities for the G8 summit and beyond.They raised negative stigma around dementia as an important issue, which then made it on to the summit agenda and into the final G8 dementia summit declaration.
  • To encourage maximum engagement with parliamentarians, we held an All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on dementia at the House of Commons. This event briefed MPs on the latest advances in dementia research and answered their questions ahead of the summit.
  • On November 25 we delivered an open letter to Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary outlining the shared priorities of Alzheimer's associations from around the world.
  • After the summit we held a meeting for the CEO's to discuss how the Alzheimer's organisations will work together to achieve some of the objectives set out in the declaration.
  • To raise awareness of dementia research and the limited funding it has received compared to other conditions, we produced a video called 'A cure for Derek?' and shared it widely on social media. The video received over 4,000 views in days leading up to the summit.

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