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Volunteer: Campaign and Media Group Members, Wrexham & Flintshire

How does this role make a difference?

By campaigning, you can help raise awareness and understanding of dementia, reduce stigma, and influence local policy making.  The Wrexham and Flintshire Group is a new group so you would be involved in its creation and development.  Membership of the group is open to anyone who is enthusiastic about campaigning.

How much time will I need to give?

This role is flexible.  Campaign and Media volunteers offer a few hours on a regular basis as well as attending/contributing to the group meetings, which are held approximately once a month.

What support will I get and what experience is  required?

Alzheimer's Society is committed to supporting volunteers in whichever role is carried out.  No qualifications or experience are required.  Volunteers receive induction for the role and benefit from ongoing training.  With the support of the Group Lead, you will be:

  • Distributing campaign material and encouraging others to take campaigning action
  • Supporting the delivery of national campaigns at a local level
  • Taking part in campaigning activities, such as writing letters and attending events

How do I apply?

To apply for this opportunity please email Julie Adams at: volsnorthwales@alzheimers.org.uk


Alzheimer's Society is an equal opportunities employer.