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Frequently Asked Questions: Lands End to John OGroats

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Q: How and when do I pay for the trip?

There are two ways of funding your place on this trip. For both options we require a non-refundable registration fee of £299.

Option 1 - Sponsorship

You commit to raising a minimum sponsorship of £2,800. Of this, £1,700 has to be sent to the charity by 18 June 2013 and out of this we pay the balance of your trip costs of £1,205. The balance of your sponsorship needs to be sent in within six weeks of your return.

Each person or company sponsoring you must be made aware that a proportion of their sponsorship will be used to cover the costs of your trip. However, it is important to point out that £1,600 of your minimum sponsorship will directly benefit the Society and will make a significant difference to the lives of people affected by dementia.

Option 2 - Self-funding

You may prefer to cover all of the trip costs yourself. If you wish to do this we will send you a payment form three months before the trip to collect the balance of the costs of £1,205. This needs to be paid by 18 June 2013.

We also ask you to pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £1,600 and to aim to get around £500 in before the trip. The balance of sponsorship should be sent in within six weeks of your return. All of the sponsorship you raise will directly benefit the Society.