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Frequently Asked Questions: Volunteer

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Q: What support will there be?

The level of support you receive will vary, depending on the volunteer role you carry out. This is not to say that we treat different roles with different levels of importance. It simply means that some roles that are carried out, for example in the delivery of services, will need different levels of support than a fundraising volunteer or a campaigning volunteer.

Typically all volunteers will receive induction, to understand the Society and what we do, to understand their local activities and how they fit in, and to know some of the basics that anyone needs to know when they start something new. Volunteers will also receive role specific training; so if you need first aid skills or basic food hygiene, for example, we'll make sure you get it. You are also likely to have local group meetings from time to time, and for roles that are regularly involved with service delivery there may be more structured 1-1 support meetings. Volunteers do not have to pay for any of the training they receive. It's part of our commitment to developing people.

Finally, we make sure that each volunteer has someone to 'report to' and receive help, guidance and support. This person may be referred to as a manager, a team leader, a group leader or volunteer supporter. Whatever this person is called, their role is to ensure that you are well prepared for your role and well supported in the future.