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Frequently Asked Questions: Volunteer

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Q: How much time will I need to give?

We all have busy lives and we do understand that time commitment can be a worry. We have a large number of volunteer roles and the number is growing all the time. Time commitment can vary between roles and from location to location but there is usually something for most people.

Volunteers that help deliver our services may be involved for a few hours a week or every fortnight but some roles are less frequent, such as a couple of times a month or every couple of months. Fundraising activities could be weekly, or monthly, or less often, based on local plans and your own needs, with a number of activities taking place just once a year. Campaigning activities, our unique Research Network plus a range of other roles could be weekly, monthly or less frequent, again depending on your availability.

So please do contact us, so that we can discuss what you can do rather than what you can't.