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Frequently Asked Questions: Volunteer

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Q: What volunteer training is involved? Why is it necessary?


We have so many volunteer roles available that it's difficult to be specific here. All roles will need some element of induction, or welcome. Some roles will need extra bits of training. For roles that become very involved in helping people with dementia, the training will be more detailed. In general, volunteer roles that are involved in delivering services will need more training than those involved in fundraising, campaigning or helping 'behind the scenes'. However, some of our non-services roles can be quite specialised, so it all depends.

Regardless of the type of role, training is provided to ensure we meet really high standards. It also helps you carry out your role with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are well equipped for the role. 'Making do' is not our way. We always aim to have well trained volunteers in worthwhile roles that are satisfying for all concerned. We'll help you along the way! We'll happily tell you more when we discuss your specific interests.