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Raffle tickets

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Taking part in our raffle is an easy and fun way to support Alzheimer's Society and raise vital funds. Thanks to your support, we can continue to help people with dementia to live well today, while searching for a cure for tomorrow. 

Summer 2015 raffle

Tickets to our Summer raffle will be available from 22 June 2015. Take part for your chance to win:

  • 1st Prize: £7,500
  • 2nd Prize: £1,000

Plus 10 runner-up prizes of £50

  • Closing date: 07 September 2015
  • Draw date: 14 September 2015



You can order additional books of raffle tickets by calling us on 0845 6016 936.

You can buy tickets for yourself, or sell them to friends, family and colleagues, then just return your ticket stubs with your payment to the freepost address on the back of the tickets.

Spring 2015 raffle winners

  • 1st Prize Winner (£7,500) Mrs Judge, Waterlooville
  • 2nd Prize Winner (£1,000) Mrs Costa, London
  • 1/10 Runner Up (£50) Mrs Wood, Kington
  • 2/10 Runner Up (£50) Mr Knee, Stroud
  • 3/10 Runner Up (£50) Mr Eggleton, Chichester
  • 4/10 Runner Up (£50) Ms O'sullivan, Bourne End
  • 5/10 Runner Up (£50) Ms Howell, Tonbridge
  • 6/10 Runner Up (£50) Ms Jackson, Preston
  • 7/10 Runner Up (£50) Miss Miller, Manchester
  • 8/10 Runner Up (£50) Dr Brown, Sevenoaks
  • 9/10 Runner Up (£50) Mrs Law, Aylesbury
  • 10/10 Runner Up (£50) Mrs Lukey, Dartford


How our raffle is run

Download this document for further information on the policies and procedures we use to administer our raffle