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Commissioning Dementia Services

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland Alzheimer's Society is working with health and social care commissioners to deliver improved services for people with dementia and carers.

In England a National Dementia Strategy has been published and in Wales and Northern Ireland similar projects are underway. On this page you will find a range of information and tools to support local commissioning of services for people with dementia including:

  • current evidence on dementia, the numbers of people by local area with projections into the future and financial costs
  • explanation about the local services that Alzheimer's Society can provide
  • local contact details

In the months ahead Alzheimer's Society intends to develop this online resource. Please email us to tell us what else you would like available on this page.


Dementia: What every commissioner needs to know

This booklet explains the approach commissioners may want to take in commissioning services for people with dementia and carer.

Other useful resources

  • Contracting for quality: driving up standards for people with dementia in care homes
    This booklet sets out best practice in contracting to deliver high quality outcomes for people with dementia living in care homes.  It summarises the major features of excellent care homes and gives advice and examples in delivering these through contracting.
  • Public Awareness of Dementia
    This report provides useful advice for commissioners or commissioning teams planning public awareness-raising work. It summarises the existing evidence of levels of public awareness and understanding of dementia, and suggests five key areas that awareness-raising campaigns could focus on.
  • Dementia Adviser Service
    Information sheet explaining the dementia adviser service that the Society is able to offer.
  • Alzheimer's Society support services
    Information sheet explaining the range of services the Society is able to offer.
  • Contacts for commissioners
    Contact one of our area managers to find out how Alzheimer's Society can help advise you.
  • Dementia UK Report
    This report commissioned by Alzheimer's Society from King's College London and London School of Economics is the most authoritative source of data on prevalence, projections and costs in relation to dementia.
  • National Audit Office Report
    The National Audit Office Report Improving services and support for people with dementia identified how NHS and social care services are not currently meeting the needs of people with dementia and carers, wasting significant sums of money.